Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ken's surprise birthday at Siloso

It is very nice ken's birthday and Chris has planned a surprise birthday for her at Sentosa. Oh my, beach, sun, sand are not my thing! Haha 

Thank god attire wise, one top I'm selling is very apt! 


Not bad right?

We gathered at Sentosa near the siloso beach station...


And ya, bunny couldn't make it so her creative girlfriend (yours truly) created a mask using cardboard! Hehe


The surprise was a success! 


Come, we take selfie together!


Machiam idol and we are fans!

Well technically, she's like a fan coz we can use the cardboard to fan for wind!



They were so excited taking pictures with the mask!





Loads of food from Pizza Hut...



Are u hot or hungry bunny?


I prefer my version!


She looks so cute so smiley!

Some ootd for my juneoesque!






Cake time !








Happy birthday Ken!


And my bunny who arrived later but still hard at work !

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