Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What a surprise!

My second celebration for my birthday this year! Ken and Chris are bringing me to Brazil Churrasco for dinner!


Located at Sixth Ave, this place is one of the first Brazilian BBQ concept places in Singapore. It survived so long I would think would be the price, the wholesome service and definitely the damn good food. Many other Brazilian BBQ concept places have sprouted out but their food don't come close!

Meat aside, for starters, they serve this really good cheese bread!


The cheese bread is really good! The texture inside is a little Mochi like and cheesy in a light way! It's yummy!

They also have a salad bar with a good variety of stuff....


One of my favourite being the fried kale abd the fried banana!



They also have this fried golden mushroom thingy that ken liked...


Following on which, its meat galore already!




Perhaps not the best of pictures as I was trying to see if my iPhone can capture good enuff pictures (but I guess not).

But yup they have a good selection of meat from chicken to beef to pork etc. my favourite was the rump and beef brisket! The chicken was awesome too!

And of course, there was the sugar pineapple!!!


It was damn good as usual! Even bunny who doesn't like pineapple agreed!

Overall it's a very meat intensive meal, not for the faint hearted! Haha

When I first got there, I got a wonderful surprise from Chris! She was so sweet, got me a big princess-y bouquet of flowers and balloons!



To top it off, she even got me a cake!


Literally the full works!








Very sweet lady indeed! And a much enjoyable evening!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Horny Niki

Niki is on heat these days and for some reasons she's extremely clingy to me. Very manja and follows me all around the house! Even when I shower! 

I like it when she's so clingy! Hehe





Saturday, May 27, 2017

My first birthday celebration for 2017 with my 2Bs!

Been a long while since we could finally get together and the 2Bs were swee enough to celebrate our birthdays!

We got to choose a place and we opted for Kam's Roast....


One of the first thing I really wana try there is their prawn roe noodles!


Really missing this from Hong Kong and this is probably the only place (that I know) in SG that serves this! 

I would say it is close to what I had in HK, maybe not as fragrant but a good enough stand in to curb those cravings!

The prawn roes have that scrimp taste and I like the textures of the little bits!

The roast duck, we went for a quarter...


It was alright, the skin could be crispier. Pricing was pretty ok, around $16 for this portion.

We also had the 双拼 of char Siew and roast pork...


The char Siew was fatty as ordered but not charred enough.

The roast pork was decent.

The jelly fish....


And their Chinese sausage, both of it was not bad!


Overall, an enjoyable meal....


And because it's our birthday celebration, we got presents! 








And they got cute little cakes for us!




Bunny cake for bunny!


And despite bunny's birthday being in feb, it's our first time 'celebrating' our birthdays together!










After dinner, we chatted to kill 2 hours and caught Baywatch. Bimbo show but I love it! No stress! Haha