Saturday, April 15, 2017

We love Coco!

I had another rather sleepless night and it was a dread pulling myself out of bed this morning. Pretty sure my bed misses me as much as i miss it.

Joanne was the first to invite me for the Chanel Cafe popup and we chose this date to coincide with my travelling schedule.

We discussed over a couple of what-to-wear and finally she told me this morning she's going to be in Midi skirt and wala~ i got reminded of that grey tulle skirt i have yet to get to wear!

I really love how i looked! and Superego sneakers were Christmas gifts from Bree and Bel!


It appeared that despite being given a slot, when we registered, we would be given a session too.

There's a studio at the side where people could play with some watercolours and stencils. Bumped into Serene there!



and of course, endless cam whoring when we got in!























at night was ktv with Prissy, Fiona and Kenneth. Somewhere along the years, i think i vaguely lost my enthusiasm for ktv. I don't mind going of course, just that i no longer have that excitement for it. haha.. i think mahjong major superceded my many other interests ;P

But ktv tonight was great! coz everyone sang really well and i can just sit back and enjoy. I think towards the end i found some of the enthusiasm back!








really love my superego sneakers matching with the tulle....


and oh, make up today is on point!

Long weekends are great! One more day of weekend!

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