Saturday, April 8, 2017

No more fried chicken

It's been almost a week in jkt, almost every dinner is Fried chicken. It's either from KFC, A&w or Wendy's. Lucky their fried chicken is pretty good. 

Had a cafe food one of the nights and landed me with diarrhea so it was back to Fried chicken again. 

I was cautioned even not to go for their iced drinks coz some of the ice makers might not be filtered.

Today managed to head over to one of their better malls for dinner. Was surprised to see Seven Friday as a cafe so decided to give it a try!

The good thing about jkt is that things are relatively cheap! Grab from my hotel to this mall was only $2!

Food in cafe was also inexpensive.

The seven Friday cafe....






Iced lychee tea!


Yums! Lychee tea seems to be really popular around here.

Beef cheeks bowl...,



This is super yummy! The beef was tender and the sauce was amazing! Love the fact that the sauce is saltish and flavourful!

Mac and cheek....



The mac and cheese was good though the cheek was not impressive.

Walked through the huge mall with work all over my mind. This is not healthy right?

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