Friday, April 14, 2017

My loh gong zai can cook very well!

loh gong zai has been cooking a lot lately and minako has been posting loads of glorious food pictures on social media! Got us all salivating!

So i specially requested for ROAST PORK BELLY! THICK SLABS PLEASE!

and here you go! I can also see the words 'loh por zai' carved on it! haha






the roast pork was amazing! it wasn't overly seasoned with five spiced powder, the skin was CRACKLING GOOD! super! Best part was, i can request for each slab to be THICK! YUM MAX!

and aside from roast pork belly, we have sous vide salmon! 






so good that even chinno wants a piece of it!



and yes, they now have 2 of them!







it was a great time catching up over really yummy food! 

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