Thursday, April 13, 2017

Coco Cafe with Dear Dear

It was a rather last minute arrangement to head down to the Chanel Cafe together. But it was right coz its so us!





everyone is given a chip prior to entry to exchange for a free drink. drink of choice included juice, coffee or a bubble tea that was actually more of a coconut drink with lychee pops.

customers who made any purchase can use their receipt to exchange for either a piece of cake, 2 pieces of tart or 3 pcs of cookies and this area is where you are allowed to enjoy the pastries....





so we made a purchase each...












enjoying our desserts....


initially, we were skeptical about their pastries but they all turned out pretty good!

We chose one cake, the white chocolate one had a raspberry center, it was yummy!

The tarts were so hard! so hard that the fork couldn't poke through but when i took it up to bite, the taste was actually pretty good!


we had some butter cookie flavour and a salted caramel...



all pretty good!


glad to have spent Coco Cafe with dear dear!




Dinner was with Fiona at Sumire.










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