Thursday, April 20, 2017


Have you ever come across instances when u feel perplexed over the flexibility of some people?

Let me share a few instances that I came across. Today for now, I ordered earl grey lemon tea at ding tai Feng. Having ordered before, I know they serve it with a big round ball of ice like this....


By right, an ice lover like me would love it but I realised a big round ball like this takes a super long time to melt and the drink is a little too sweet for my liking. So I requested that they change it to the normal ice they have. 

Not a tough request right? 

But the server told me they can't do that. They have to either serve me with that round ball of ice or remove ice. 

After my relentless confirmation, we compromised by she will serve me a glass without ice and on the side she will give me normal ice for me to add on my own. Perfectly fine by me of course since this means I get more of the tea AND my choice of ice.

But in my mind I was like #%^*? Simi logic?

Which reminded me of a previous incident in a food court. I was having my fish soup but craving for variety so I decided to order a portion of roast duck breast. A portion of it by itself is (ok I can't rem actual prices so the following prices will be for illustration)... $15? Like just duck meat.

But a normal roast duck rice is probably $8?

And since it's just me eating, I figured it makes more sense to order the roast duck rice but opt for no rice. That portion should be just right AND I don't really eat white rice so I didn't want to waste it.

The server told me he cannot not give me rice. If he didn't give me rice he has to charge me $15.

*smack forehead*

I mean of course I know the $15 will probably come with slightly more meat but that's besides the point. I'm paying $8 for the duck and rice n I'm saying leave out the rice but cannot?

I understand it may be some mgmt policy or something but just not flexible.

So he rather I waste or throw the rice away? Weird right?

So if u have to know, we compromised by him giving me a spoon or rice. 

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