Friday, April 21, 2017

Beating the crowd at Artbox!

Today we concluded, strictly strictly no work! We had a good sleep till late noon before preparing to head out to the Artbox!

We figured it's the perfect day to head there coz it's the only day that's not like a full off day for many people like a Saturday or Sunday. And given all that buzz abt how crowded the place was last weekend, today felt like a good stake to place our bets on.

Bunny and I changed to matching to mobile phone covers today! And coz the material is like cloth, it gets dirty very easily so we figured might as well cam whore with it while it lasted ;)


While we sort of managed to beat the crowd, we couldn't beat the sun! It was so damn hot!

The food booths....



Pretty excited to have found sea grapes! I love how they pop!




And the popular to look out for roasted marshmallows...





Braved the heat for them!




I was really excited to try the dragon's breath thinking it was ice cream but turns out the dragon's breath thingy was more like meringue or cheese balls added with nitrogen or something...






Which actually was nothing very impressive in terms of taste. Haha

The items from The Beast was good! 





The best thing was the pork jowl!


A hot time at Artbox!












The after party at Equarius with the gang was great too!

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