Friday, April 28, 2017

Perfect for the weather

The rainy weather came in time or should I say this piece came in time. Regardless, this piece is great!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

I don't care even if it tells my era!

Attended a talk with Kerry and it was around Cuppage. Somewhere, sometime this week, something reminded me that I haven't been to Ice Cold Beer for a long long while. 

Missing their wings, fish and chips and four cheese pizza!


The fried chicken doesn't feel as good as before but it's still decent!

The four cheese pizza was thin and good in flavor...


Clearly this place isn't really the place for their age folks but ice cold beer was once the place for my era! Hahaha


And clearly, I love my era and food from it!




Friday, April 21, 2017

Beating the crowd at Artbox!

Today we concluded, strictly strictly no work! We had a good sleep till late noon before preparing to head out to the Artbox!

We figured it's the perfect day to head there coz it's the only day that's not like a full off day for many people like a Saturday or Sunday. And given all that buzz abt how crowded the place was last weekend, today felt like a good stake to place our bets on.

Bunny and I changed to matching to mobile phone covers today! And coz the material is like cloth, it gets dirty very easily so we figured might as well cam whore with it while it lasted ;)


While we sort of managed to beat the crowd, we couldn't beat the sun! It was so damn hot!

The food booths....



Pretty excited to have found sea grapes! I love how they pop!




And the popular to look out for roasted marshmallows...





Braved the heat for them!




I was really excited to try the dragon's breath thinking it was ice cream but turns out the dragon's breath thingy was more like meringue or cheese balls added with nitrogen or something...






Which actually was nothing very impressive in terms of taste. Haha

The items from The Beast was good! 





The best thing was the pork jowl!


A hot time at Artbox!












The after party at Equarius with the gang was great too!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What a wonderful day!

It's awesome, awesome waking up at Equarius, the level one room with direct pool access. And I love swimming if you don't already know.

And it's even better feeling that I AM ON LEAVE! No work please! 

The thing is, my bunny refuses to wake up for a swim with me!!



Well, so she eventually woke up not to swim but to take pictures for me instead!



After that good start to the morning, bunny had work duties so it was me on tourist duties!








Kate spade was having some crazy sales! 50% off selected items! I managed to get a new pouch at $45! 


Not that cute little bag above thou, that's 30% off! Just thot it matches my outfit!

Just when I thot I'm off work, work duties still seem to crawl it's way back to me on we-need-it-by-today requests -.-"""

Dinner was at Tunglok Heen!



The fish maw soup...


Very pricey but it's so good! The fish maw is thick and the soup was rich and flavorful despite it looking plain. I really liked it.

Roast pork!


The roast pork was decent but not wowing

And we love love love their 海鲜焖米粉!


The chunks of seafood and the bee Hoon is just so tasty! This used to be on their menu but taken off now, need to check each time whether they can do it or not - hopefully they can add it back to the menu soon!

Some more photos!