Sunday, March 5, 2017

When no nasi padang, bak chor Mee will do

We sort of didn't register that this was going to be Saphy's farewell of sorts when she mentioned she's going Auckland and not sure when she will be back. We sorrrrrt of thought that just meant to be a longer trip this time with her gf. But great that we all managed to make it! And although the nasi Padang place we wanted to check out wasn't open, thank for a nearby bak chor Mee place was!


Was a nice catch up followed by desserts at this place called D'zerts.

It's for some pretty looking cakes and even the trending galaxy looking ones!


So pretty! 

And it tastes really good too!


Rich moose on the inside with some crunchy bottom. Some citrusy part on top. Yummy! Didn't quite expect it to taste so good! 

It was a short but good catch up.. hopefully the next time we meet will be in Auckland! 

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