Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Paving the way to 36 for us!

we celebrated Kaizhi's birthday at Rice & Fries!



thank you Kaizhi for paving the way for us for 36! As per past years, always the first ;P




very well done and flavourful! One of the better escargots around for sure!

Foie gras!


great portion and nicely pan fried!

Not on the menu: Tom Yam Pasta with chicken chop! Sorry, its super good tom yam pasta!


very flavourful and damn tasty! Best tom yam pasta around with tender chicken chop!

Pork chop with BBQ sauce....


the pork chop is bigger in portion now (plus point) but i don't really like the sauce as with other BBQ sauces.

and of course, a must order is the poached salmon! 


i love how their poached salmon is just right, the mashed potato is not instant. it has the potato bits and goes like amazing with the cream sauce!

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