Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hoptails are back!!

Flight from Chiang mai gave me opportunity to watch 寒战2 in mute. Or was it 暗战2? 

Not enuff time to finish watching but seemed like a damn good show! Where can I watch the remaining parts? 

It was pouring very heavily when I got there, luggage was delayed for almost 45 mins. Luckily the rain cleared as fast as it came.

After a quick check in, I headed out to meet the local team. They brought me around and very coincidentally, met khun Kor who is the former member who has left! Calls for a photo opportunity!


And of course, dinner at Greyhound is a must! 

The most exciting thing is, HOPTAILS ARE BACK!! Wooo hoo!!


In a couple of my past bangkok Greyhound entries, you would have seen me raving about this! The mixture of heineken and their iced tea is simply divine! Makes me wanting more! 

So glad they are back!

Also tried the plum version this time....


My favorite is still the iced tea version....



Pomelo salad....


Refreshing and good!

Tonnes of crabmeat fried rice! This is the Greyhound standard! The SG Greyhound needs to improve! 


And yes I love their fried rice and the generous amount of crab meat!

Likewise for their crab meat in pink cream sauce pasta....


Everyone whom we recommend to Greyhound to try this loves this! And mr Caron Ong, manager of SG Greyhound, please open ur eyes big big and see! This item is still available and have been for the past years I have visited. In fact I don't know where u did your internship so please stop doubting or finding excuses. It's fine if you guys didn't intend to bring this item into Sg but it's not fine when you try to find a million n one excuses when enquired about it or try to doubt me that I don't know my Greyhound ! 

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