Friday, March 10, 2017

Hope you got your aircon on...

coz the upcoming pictures are going to be so HOT!

Really honoured to be invited by Priscilla to be part of this photoshoot. We all had so much fun together! We were dolled up from head to toe!

Importantly, it was so fun and such a relief knowing that we could fit each other's outfits! We could actually share and we could borrow! Ought to keep this community going!

Preparation time!




Prissy did a damn beautiful make up on me!








styling up Maya... 



with Cate...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the following look came together!

it a mix and match of a dress i was selling with a tulle skirt and super super high heels. I don't know how people do it, i could barely stand! 




and they wanted to do a corset look!














can you feel the temperature rising already? :)

Patiently awaiting the finished photos!

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