Monday, March 27, 2017

Hello from Chiang Mai!

It's my first trip to Chiang Mai, the weather is crazy hot. This work trip is like any other, packed with appointments. But it's all very interesting. 

I visited this resort called 137 pillars today. It's beautiful!










Subsequently, I also visited Anatara and all their pools just look amazing...


In anatara there is a restaurant called The Service. It is with secret agent theme and there is even this door where u have to find which leads to a secret room that serves a secret menu!






And then we went up the mountains to four seasons Chiang mai, the resort is so beautiful! Very hot but very beautiful! It's even got a rice paddy field!

The stars of this resort would be their buffalos!



We got to feed them!


Vanessa emerging in the rich history of four seasons Chiang mai..





More pictures from camera will come. Anyway fml, camera spoilt >.<~~~~

And thank god for 7-11 yummy croissant! My forest n second meal was dependent on these!


Cheap n good!

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