Saturday, February 4, 2017

Bunny's Big 3 Birthday Surprise

Today is D DAY! 

Planned this for almost 2 months maybe? It was an impromptu thought that came to my mind to celebrate Bunny's big 3. 

There was an initial plan, to do a McDonald's birthday party but that lobang pi jiak coz she happened to help her sis check her watsapp when i initiated the planning. 

So yeah this plan came to mind, I checked with her boss who promptly approved the leave request and everything just fell in place. 

Her bff came to know about it and offered to be part of the plan - to much relief.

So the plan was I told her it's the wedding of one of my close friend and it was at Crown Plaza. Also told her we needed to help out hence need to be there earlier to explain for us having to be there around 4.

We are off to KL! Surprise was a success! 


Flight was delayed for about an hour, weather was rainy with some not so pleasant hiccups prior the flight but we were determined that this has to be a good trip. Probably to re-evaluate certain things after the trip.

There was part 2 to the surprise. Ken and Candice was already at KL waiting to receive us! Though while waiting for the luggage, bunny seemed to have already guessed abt Ken and Candice! Haha


We headed straight for our late dinner at Quivo. Read about it on Trip Advisor...


Pleasantly surprised they are open till 2am! So even though we were late for our 9.30pm reservations, they still kept our table.

Service was impeccable! The servers were friendly and polite. Overall a very good experience. Food was also great! Very much deserved it's ranking on Trip Advisor. Food was also good overall. 

I didn't expect it to be alfresco dining. I cannot stand al fresco typically coz I hate the heat. But it was pretty ok. It turned out to be a bar restaurant...


We had a few starters to share...

Mushroom soup...


Thick mushroom cream soup served on a bread bowl. Instagram worthy! The top part of the bread was with some basil sauce. The sauce was good but the bread was a little dry. The soup was awesome! Flavourful and good!

Popcorn shrimp with curry aioli....


The popcorn shrimp is decent!

Spinach dip!


This was pretty good! Cheesy spinach dip with crunchies to dip into.

Chicken Caesar salad....


Which was pretty good! The sauce was just right, the chicken was some Mediterranean BBQ chicken and the egg was fried with a molten center. Good!

Crab cake sliders...


I thought the crab cake was so so, probably coz I like food in big chunks. Bunny and Candice thought the crab cake was very good because they liked the seasoning. 

And for mains, ken had fish and chips while the rest of us had risotto.


I didn't very much like the fish and chips coz of the choice of fish. It was like a sword fish or something kind of texture. Ken liked it though, she felt it was something different.

The risottos were AMAZING!!! Seriously!!

Beef brisket rissoto....


The beef brisket was tender, soft and flavourful. The risotto was creamy and flavourful. It was like heaven!  We all gave our thumbs up!


Saffron seafood risotto was quite tomato-ish in taste. Really good as well. Seafood was charred and really nice!


Roast chicken and wild mushroom risotto, also a delightful dish served on a hot plate. Very yummy!

We had a good delightful meal! Importantly, it was very wallet friendly. Our whole meal came up to abt $460 ringgit inclusive of drinks which also included 2 pints of beer. Works out to about $160 for 4 pax.

After Quivo, we headed over to our hotel. We were staying at Hilton.

Ken and Candice had already helped us check in and when we got to our room, there was already a birthday cake waiting for us....








It's a very pre celebrated birthday for Bunny. 

We called it a night and it was bubble bath time! The room was huge!





She was very cute, just like a kiddo, having genuine fun with the bubbles....



Happy pre birthday bunny! 

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