Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bunny's Big 3 Birthday Surprise Day 2

Good morning KL! Ken and Candice gave us a good sleep to rest till almost 10 plus, leaving the hotel at 12ish. 

This is them when we arranged to meet at the lift lobby on our floor....


All ready for me to take picture!



Today's agenda is Genting! 

Thanks to ken, she drove us up to Genting!



First thing to do was to address our empty tummies! Ken recommended this cafe called Bubbles and Bites!


I recognize this place! This used to be a cyber/Lan cafe! 

Genting has changed quite a bit though the location of a lot of places are still the same. Food wise, there's much more selection and of better quality!

Right when we entered Bubbles, on the left is a fridge of cold salads which I couldn't help but order!



The top salad is a seafood salad. Chilled squid, prawns, mussels, yummy!

The bottom one is tomato, basil and cheese, always really awesome! Especially with the onion! It was good!

One thing I can't really resist is drumstick! 


Also from the fridge, didn't expect it to be a main. The chicken was so so. 

Caesar salad....


The salad is really good too! Nice Caesar sauce with beef bacon, smoked salmon and cheese. 

We ordered a pizza to share coz the birthday girl wants something cheesy...


And she chose a uncommon one with capers! Salty! But the pizza was quite nice, thin crusted!

And of coz, the T-bone steak that ken recommended...



A rather huge portion. Relatively tender, good for its price.

And mac and cheese....


The mac n cheese was good! Creamy n cheesy! 

After lunch, we shopped around a bit, there is a new section which looks like MBS. It was a wise decision to shop first! Spend whatever first before gamble. Better to use it to buy things than to donate it to the casino tio bo?

As we shopped around, we saw this Churros place!


The 3 of them are churros lover! So it was like an auto pit stop that somehow replaced our initial idea of going for Baskin Robbins.


We ordered the plain one, the one with custard and the one with cheese...




Probably because it was served hot, it was really good. 

The texture was just right as well! 

Forgot to take picture of the drinks but the Seattle latte was really good. The coffee was slightly bitter (or I should say fragrant) yet not overly bitter. Missing it even now!

The matcha latte was also not overly sweet. The drinks were all really good!

It was a good pit stop!






After our pit stop, with our puny budget, we stepped into the casino. Candice decided not to gamble so she continued shopping. 

The casino was really crowded and smokey. For some reason I kept thinking that ringgit vs sgd was 1:5. Basically, as expected, we lost what we expected to lose. Haha

At one last round, I randomly betted on the big small table and made an unexpected win and managed to recoup my losses - at least we have enuff for our meals for dinner and tml! Hahaha 

After the casino session, we headed for our long awaited dinner at Burgers and Lobsters! Ken made the reservations about a month ago and from what we understand, we were the last they accept reservations for! 



The menu was simple....


3 options of burgers, 3 options of lobsters, 3 options of lobster roll.

A round of watermelon juice to kick start the lobster session!


Something about this red juice just makes it look appealing!

We ordered one lobster and one lobster roll each! Each item came with fries and salad.. knowing we won't be able to finish the fries, we opted to change four of it to salad resulting in us receiving a forest of salads!


And check out our spread !


The lobsters were around 500 g each...


Going at about $138 ringgit.

They had big ones at about 2.5kg, going at about $600 ringgit but we didn't go for that option.

Lobster roll...


The lobster roll was good with chucks of lobster.

I haven't been to the London one which everyone raved about. This one was ok to me. Good enuff thou not wow-ing.

Service was not bad thou! 

Enjoying our spread ..




Birthday girl is happy with the meal and her beer! 





After dinner, we meant to drive back down to KL but we passed by the arcade and we decided to find some childhood joy! 

On the long flight of genting escalator!


A fun day in genting! 

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