Sunday, January 8, 2017

What a Sunday!

It was an impromptu lunch with purple triggered by my missing of the twg grand wedding tea and their cod fish! 

We arranged to head to the one at MBS. My grand wedding tea!


For me, it's usually a drag to head out on sundays where I usually want to have a well rested day before the long week. But being out in such an environment just feels so good! Great tea, nice quiet ambience! What a Sunday! 

Another really good dish is the lobster salad!


Chunks of lobsters above avocado! Love it!

And of course, the very light and delightful cod fish...




It's really good. The cod fish is lightly crisp on the outside and goes very well with the jus. The mushrooms are lightly fried, crispy and are amazing too!

Another mains we had was the squid ink tiger prawns...


Much more flavourful in terms of taste, also really good!

It's a good afternoon!


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