Saturday, January 7, 2017

Seafoodies invented wefies

The seafoodies planned our belated xmas gathering to be today at Picnic at Wisma. 

We thought to also make this Clammy's belated birthday celebration and Crabby's pre birthday celebration but one came not hungry and one just ate. Haha we saved a lot ;)

The Picnic is located at a corner of wisma and has really beautiful decor like a garden. Sorry forgot the pics as we were too engaged catching up! 

Went for the plain rosti which was really good!


Also had a pork with rice and a foie gras with beef rice. This is the park with rice...


Which was ok.

This is the foie gras beef with rice....


Which looks erm........

Are u thinking what I'm thinking? Hahahahaha

But it's actually pretty good! The foie gras is all mashed up into a mashy sauce like texture.

I probably will order it again if I'm back. 

We also got cakes for the birthday girls....


But we decided that selfies and wefies are still the best! 


In fact, we like to think that we invented selfies and wefies! Blog followers since my uni days will know what I'm talking about! Haha


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