Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jazzy dazzled my 2017 new year!

I have a date! Tralala with Jazelle and Joanne! 

You know how dates with different people will make you dress up differently? Haha, ok maybe not for u but for me! I'm totally in a bright chirpy Disney kind of mood and I pulled out that Disney dress that I have been meaning to wear but haven't got to! 

And I realised I can match it with that pink Mickey Mouse Melissa shoe that bunny got for me a while back!

My gf has apparent good taste! Not just in terms of choice of gf but also in choice of gifts too! 

Come some ootd! 


Met up with them at wisma, loads of festive jam around town!

Finally got to meet the little princess!







She's just simply adorable! So pretty and so chirpy! A happy baby is the most attractive! And she is one! Melts you in every single expression!

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