Friday, January 20, 2017

A friend who I always bump into!

When we recounted, we were shocked to realise it's been a good 17 years since we got to know each other. Yet it really does seem like yesterday! 

Ginny came today to buy clothes from me and Ginny I must say is quite a special friend....


We first got to know each other on a job. She was on internship and she was more senior. She left shortly after I joined but enough to leave an impact as a very thoughtful person. 

On one occasion, a colleague was not feeling so well, she came by with a cuppa hot tea. At the point I felt this inner voice telling me I should learn to be as considerate. 

Over the years, Ginny and I keep bumping into each other. Like at Melissa shoe sales, dinner at Saveur or just random bumping into each other anywhere! She was also coincidentally the wedding singer at Crabby's wedding. Despite always bumping into each other, we never did held on to anything. Perhaps it's time we treasure this fate that we have now! 

Aside from these, Ginny is also working on a project with a rather new found friend Priscilla whom I just got to know last year as well. Small world isn't it?

And the plus point is Ginny has a damn cute dog!


Lol. A nice time catching up!

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