Saturday, January 28, 2017

New year new hairdo

Don't think only u have new hair do!

Lucky also have!


CNY 2017 初一

Uneventful. Or too eventful Chu yi. 

Happy faces....






Pace of life

I made an observation of myself, I don't know how to slow down. 

I don't know how to take a back seat or slowly enjoy a cup of coffee. 

When I order a cup of coffee, I finish it much faster than the rest and I find myself somewhat grudgingly waiting for others to finish. I get bored easily. 

I am constantly finding more things to do or be occupied with. I am not living in the present. I constantly find myself thinking about what's my next step? How can I plan my next steps to get things done faster so that I can hop onto something else (not necessarily big life matters, sometimes just random daily stuff). 

And because I put such precision thoughts into planning or looking forward to next steps, I get extremely frustrated when my self-declared-best-plan-ever gets disrupted. I don't get over them fast or easy enough.

I am impatient. Very impatient.

I also feel that I'm not willing to subscribe to discomfort of any kind. I simply feel that I no longer need to. Life is short.

Having said the above, I'm not saying it's right but I know I feel damn righteous about it a lot of times.

I am aware of the repercussions of behaving this way and the things it does to people around me and the relationships around me. I feel annoyance when I feel my time is wasted. 

I probably am at a stage whereby I am unsure if I should change or I am actually comfortable with the way I am. 

I feel that if u work very hard and times when I choose n decide to zone out, I zone out. I do not want disturbance. It's like my right of way.

New sheets


I love my new sheets but my tears are staining them. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Jit pai huat Liao!

I literally bumped into fortune god at the lift. Was shocked when lift door opened! 


He told me must buy TOTO! Jit pai huat Liao!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Grateful for friends who check in on me

Wet cold day.

Feeling very warm by a call from dear dear. Even more so by her saying her hubby sensed that something must be bothering me the night before when I sent a simple text 'supper?' Over.

Grateful to have such good friends close to heart.

I probably appear very expressive a lot of times but sometimes I also feel like I don't know how to express myself. Especially in times of negativity. 

I like to hide away from all that emotions even if the problem doesn't get resolved. It's like an ostrich hiding my head in a hole, pretending that nothing is wrong, forgetting that something is wrong. 



Friday, January 20, 2017

A friend who I always bump into!

When we recounted, we were shocked to realise it's been a good 17 years since we got to know each other. Yet it really does seem like yesterday! 

Ginny came today to buy clothes from me and Ginny I must say is quite a special friend....


We first got to know each other on a job. She was on internship and she was more senior. She left shortly after I joined but enough to leave an impact as a very thoughtful person. 

On one occasion, a colleague was not feeling so well, she came by with a cuppa hot tea. At the point I felt this inner voice telling me I should learn to be as considerate. 

Over the years, Ginny and I keep bumping into each other. Like at Melissa shoe sales, dinner at Saveur or just random bumping into each other anywhere! She was also coincidentally the wedding singer at Crabby's wedding. Despite always bumping into each other, we never did held on to anything. Perhaps it's time we treasure this fate that we have now! 

Aside from these, Ginny is also working on a project with a rather new found friend Priscilla whom I just got to know last year as well. Small world isn't it?

And the plus point is Ginny has a damn cute dog!


Lol. A nice time catching up!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


After watching 巨轮2, I was bent to find a pair of nice long culottes!

I think I found it at Kaylene!


Monday, January 16, 2017


Thank you B and B for this thoughtful gift! Another throwback coz been just too busy !


Thanks for remembering that I want a pair of Superga. And thanks for introducing sneakers to my wardrobe! My feet is so thankful! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Selfie galore!

Totally love this makeup plus app! Changes my make up makin me look so chio!!




Friday, January 13, 2017

I feel good!

It's perfectly fine dressing up for no occasion! Even if it's just to go to work and head home. Even if it's long hours at work! I just want to look pretty!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dar Dar's birthday celebration at Wooloomooloo

The time of the year where birthday celebrations start again! First one usually begins with dar dar / little bee's birthday coz they are Jan babies!

Had wanted to bring dar over to the Pelician but they don't seem to have scampis anymore.

Wooloomooloo has recently been added to the amex palate dining list, decided to give it a try! 

Sadly, the first news we got when we tried to order was that the discount does not apply to the ala carte menu. The terms were different from most of the other restaurants i.e. Order 2 mains and get 50% off for two diners. The 50% off applies to their set menu which ranges from $168, $178 to $198. We went for the $178 and $198 one and topped up with 2 sides.

Request to change one of the crab cake starter to the jumbo prawn was accepted with no charge.

Request to change one of the desserts came with a $10 top up. 

Overall, service was generally good I guess? But food was served super slow. We started dinner around 7 but only managed to finish by 9.40 pm even though halfway through we were so bored that we asked them to just go ahead and serve whatever they can.

Which reminds me, maybe this is why I have qualms about saying service was good good. 

For starters, when I called to book, even thou I specified the amex dining benefits, they did not inform me that it was only applicable to a set menu.

Secondly, I highlighted that it was for a birthday celebration and asked if they could do anything special, they informed me they can only write happy birthday on the dessert. I can't help but compare to lawrys or mortons where a complimentary dessert is offered. But I guess since the dessert came with the set meal, it's already in the course anyway. 

Thirdly, when we requested for the rest of the items to just be served, the server asked us "oh, u guys are hungry huh? Of coz, hungry people go to restaurants " I don't really know what to make of this statement. But our food still took some time to arrive.

And while waiting for the mains, we decided we waited too long and were too full already and asked to cancel one of the additional sides we earlier ordered with one server. The other server (the one who said hungry people go to restaurants) came back and seemed to try to say it's already being prepared or something but he will check on it. And after waiting some more, he still came back with the two additional sides. When we asked (considering we did wait further) " oh I thought we cancelled it " and he replied " nvm abt it, I will buy u, don't worry abt it " 

Somehow that didn't come off as a genuine don't worry abt it, it came off as don't be cheapo I can waive off the item. 

Which while we are here for the 50% off, we were honestly really quite full by then. Even as we mentioned we were quite full already, he continued to ask us " oh how full are you? " which we answered very full. 

In any case, I wouldn't say that guy was terribly rude but somehow we just felt a stab of sacarism which we were not intending to let it affect our night of good catch up. 

The other servers were really polite, helpful and welcoming so I guess overall service was good. 

Food wise was decent, some hits and some misses. 

The complimentary bread loaf....


Oysters that came from one of the set meal...


The oysters were fresh and yummy.

Tuna with scallop...


This was really good! Reminded me a bit of the twg lobster salad because of its outlook. Tastes really good! 

Truffle beef salad...


This was yummy too! A good portion of warm tender beef with truffle, very good!

Smoked salmon with mini triangle toast...


Like any other smoked salmon.

Crab cake!


Which was pretty good! A little small but pretty good! 

Jumbo cocktail prawns...


I really really wanted to order this because the last time we had these at Mortons, it was so damn good! The ones at mortons left a very long lasting impression! This one here today is a big but the texture is not so good. Felt like there was some skin still stuck to the prawns and wasn't succulent. In Chinese (Hokkein) we call it cha cha.

It was at this point we felt that the food was taking too long to be served and requested for the items to be served faster. We get it that maybe for fine dining people may generally want to slowly enjoy it but I guess it's just not for us. 

Next up in the set menu is the fish...



One was salmon and another I can't recall what it was. The fish was ok.

Then came the sides that we ordered .. truffle mac and cheese...


This one can fight bedrock's mac and cheese! I used to say bed rock's one is the best, this one can fight! Bed rock one is drier while this one is wetter. Both good in different ways!

The other side we wanted to cancel because we were too full was the creamed spinach which I didn't take a picture of. 

Our steak came awhile later....

The fillet mignon 


The Australian wagyu...


Both were decent but didn't have a punch. The wagyu was better than the fillet mignon. 

If I come back I probably will want to try the prime rib instead. So amex please go talk to wooloo to get the 50% on their ala carte menu instead! 

And finally for dessert!


The manager above in the pic gave really good service. He is one of the reasons why i will swing towards saying they gave good service. He took notice that I like my drinks with a lot of ice and he kept replenishing it for me.

He made a slight joke and got dar luffing...


Happy birthday dar! 



The dessert we changed was the apple crumble which was decent.

The warm chocolate cake was decent too. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

What a Sunday!

It was an impromptu lunch with purple triggered by my missing of the twg grand wedding tea and their cod fish! 

We arranged to head to the one at MBS. My grand wedding tea!


For me, it's usually a drag to head out on sundays where I usually want to have a well rested day before the long week. But being out in such an environment just feels so good! Great tea, nice quiet ambience! What a Sunday! 

Another really good dish is the lobster salad!


Chunks of lobsters above avocado! Love it!

And of course, the very light and delightful cod fish...




It's really good. The cod fish is lightly crisp on the outside and goes very well with the jus. The mushrooms are lightly fried, crispy and are amazing too!

Another mains we had was the squid ink tiger prawns...


Much more flavourful in terms of taste, also really good!

It's a good afternoon!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Seafoodies invented wefies

The seafoodies planned our belated xmas gathering to be today at Picnic at Wisma. 

We thought to also make this Clammy's belated birthday celebration and Crabby's pre birthday celebration but one came not hungry and one just ate. Haha we saved a lot ;)

The Picnic is located at a corner of wisma and has really beautiful decor like a garden. Sorry forgot the pics as we were too engaged catching up! 

Went for the plain rosti which was really good!


Also had a pork with rice and a foie gras with beef rice. This is the park with rice...


Which was ok.

This is the foie gras beef with rice....


Which looks erm........

Are u thinking what I'm thinking? Hahahahaha

But it's actually pretty good! The foie gras is all mashed up into a mashy sauce like texture.

I probably will order it again if I'm back. 

We also got cakes for the birthday girls....


But we decided that selfies and wefies are still the best! 


In fact, we like to think that we invented selfies and wefies! Blog followers since my uni days will know what I'm talking about! Haha


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jazzy dazzled my 2017 new year!

I have a date! Tralala with Jazelle and Joanne! 

You know how dates with different people will make you dress up differently? Haha, ok maybe not for u but for me! I'm totally in a bright chirpy Disney kind of mood and I pulled out that Disney dress that I have been meaning to wear but haven't got to! 

And I realised I can match it with that pink Mickey Mouse Melissa shoe that bunny got for me a while back!

My gf has apparent good taste! Not just in terms of choice of gf but also in choice of gifts too! 

Come some ootd! 


Met up with them at wisma, loads of festive jam around town!

Finally got to meet the little princess!







She's just simply adorable! So pretty and so chirpy! A happy baby is the most attractive! And she is one! Melts you in every single expression!