Friday, December 30, 2016

Hunny Bunny 2nd Year Anniversary

Been an amazing 2 years. No one showed me as much love before and showed me how to be in a proper relationship. How good it feels to know someone truly loves and prioritises you!

this month's date night is supposed to be a road trip. But we just couldn't squeeze the time out to make it happen. But this month's date night also includes a wild draw where i can draw onto her face!

hehehehe.. been waiting to do this!




i actually snap chatted it but the first people to see it were bunny's sis and mum. they said it was so ugly we took it off.

lunch was at Old Hen Kitchen! Heard some raves about this new outlet that they started out at 127 Owen Road, a street away from their Rangoon Road joint...


Despite it being a weekday noon, it was still actually pretty crowded... 


of course, the drinks are a must! Old Hen still has the best Cold Brew ever! and i went for the peppermint chocolate. In fact, been pretty into peppermint mocha for starbucks lately! 


enjoying our brew!


and this new Old Hen Kitchen serves food with an open concept kitchen. The menu was small (as in limited) but good enough for a small cafe.

We had the salmon and soba... 

Bunny loved it. For one, the doneness of the salmon was just right. a little medium rare like, very good. the soba was chilled and served with some sweetish sauce. But thats also why I'm not a fan but bunny really liked the sweet sauce. her favourite dish here.

the pork belly with rice is what got us here. I saw loads of raves about it.... 


I love the quail egg. it was molten! very yummy!

I also liked that they did it with brown rice.

But i didn't quite fancy the sauce or the pork belly. It was a little too sweet for my fancy and the meat wasn't as tender. so I'm not raving about it.

The ahi tuna salad... 

I LOVE the looks of it! Taste wise was ok too. Not bad.

was struggling between this or the truffle fries but figured bunny will want try this. Chilli crab fries...


i will say the chilli crab fries was on point. the sauce was just right, not too spicy and a little sweet with a good amount of crab meat. i think its the way chilli crab sauce is like.

Overall it was a nice lunch!

After a very lunch, bunny brought me for her plans for today! She secretly planned to bring me for a perfume making workshop! HOW COOL IS THAT!!

OOTD of her before the course.... (coz she couldn't take a damn chio one of me =z)


here we are!


In the classroom... 


and when the teacher brought us these, i was so surprised! 


laser engraved perfume bottles! Hunny & Bunny! 

we were first asked to do a questionnaire that helped us understand our personality according to 5 attributes of scent like Floral, Oriental, Woody, Fresh and Citrus...



Then we were asked to small like 14872937983 scents and to pick out scents that we like.... 




we were given like 3 trials before we did our final own perfume. Really i think its a very interesting workshop!

we did our own perfume!



for dinner, she brought me over to Terra over at Tras street. It was omakase style.

first dish was an uni toast...

oh yes, check out the UNI!!!

It was GOOD! like seriously GOOD!!!

second dish was a tiger prawn sashimi like thingy... 

it was also SO AWESOME! SO LITTLE BUT SO AWESOME! like the scampis!

3rd dish is crab pasta... 

the crab meat was so bouncy it almost tasted like lobster. the pasta texture was also really bouncy (the kind i like). Taste of the tomato base was also good. Overall an enjoyable dish!

Next up was the iberico pork risotto

flavourful in taste. Also good.

next was the beef. It was so good! Charred on the outside with some fats, OMG..


So tender and so juicy. One bite you can tell its good quality meat! I didn't fancy the sauce like how i usually like it with just salt and pepper but bunny liked the sauce.

Dessert was Kiwi ice cream with fruits. It may not look exciting (which was what i initially thought) but turned out the fruits were really good! Right down to how soft the pear was! 


Overall it was a nice meal!

After dinner, we managed to catch a movie - 好久没拍拖! 

I wonder if its coz I'm increasingly losing patience, i used to love musicals but we watched Lala Land and i am finding the show so draggy. 

A good massage was done after the movie, a good activity to end the day coz after that was just too sleepy!

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