Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016 @ Woodgrove

Last year, we both ordered this skeleton attire from asos which came horribly late so we pretty much did nothing for halloween. We agreed that we'll make it this year to head together to the annual carnival at wood grove!

It appears every year on Halloween, the residents at Woodgrove estate will decorate their houses to welcome kids to come by to do a Treat or Tricks!

dolling up for the event... 


There are apparently times when i can look like a pack of bones too!





probably about 2 days ago, i asked my dearest mil whether she would like to bring the kids and she onz me today and even got there earlier than i did!

so i had 2 super heroes and one skinny bones and one 白发魔岳父 waiting for me....


it was quite a huge estate, we took a while to find each other and there was quite a turnout...


its damn cool seeing how sporting the residents are!


finally we found them and Lucas was a match with us!

Skeleton family!

My Charming was a too-hot-in-costume Thor... 


and Nicholas, oh nicholas was a too cute Captain America who was on lolli break! 





haha skinny skeleton playing with captain america...


ooo... from Hogwarts!


thank you my ever so cool MIL!! for joining and having such a fuss free costume! just mask up! haha


On a totally unrelated note, if you have elderly at home and would like to install grips and antislips, go to the HDB Website, search under EASE. They will send contractors to come help fix them up at a nominal price. We just did ours today! Recommended by my aunt after mum was hospitalised previously. Don't say good things never share :)

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