Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hunny Bunny October 2016 date night - Musical Play!

Actually, this date night scroll was for a few months back but we were too broke, too busy and there wasn't any nice musical around that month to fulfill it....


The embarrassing boo boo she was talking abt was when she asked me out for a play - Ghost, claiming her mum has free tickets to it. We went only to realise it was the movie, not the play. The movie was like a pre-play promo! Ahaha so we left before the movie started. Hahaha 

So anyway, Minako recently raved abt Rent being her absolute favorite musical. A few others were giving good reviews of it too and I have been wanting to get around to catch it. Bunny surprised me by getting the tickets and requesting for a date night.

This period, things aren't exactly rosy between us. Minus the fact that were both very occupied with our work, a lot of issues began bugging us - it's a tiring period. 

She insisted on this date. Picked me up promptly at 5.30pm (been a long while since I knocked off on time!)


We had a bit of time so we headed back to the Pelician for dinner. 

The oysters were so good that we initially wanted to just have 2...


Because there was no promo but we still caved in and ordered half a dozen! They have really fresh oysters!


Crab cake....



That was not bad! 

There was a promo for prawns, a whole bucket like this for only $8!


There were loads of prawns!


Actually we were here for the scampis but sadly they seem to be discontinuing them!

The fish with a crust...


Bunny pretty liked it but I found it quite jerlard.

Lobster salad...


Pretty good! 

After dinner, we headed over for the musical...


Very good songs but I wonder if it's coz I'm getting more and more impatient, I am not enjoying musicals as I used to. 


Bunny enjoyed it much more than I did and I think I dozed off at some point (so embarrassing).


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