Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016 @ Woodgrove

Last year, we both ordered this skeleton attire from asos which came horribly late so we pretty much did nothing for halloween. We agreed that we'll make it this year to head together to the annual carnival at wood grove!

It appears every year on Halloween, the residents at Woodgrove estate will decorate their houses to welcome kids to come by to do a Treat or Tricks!

dolling up for the event... 


There are apparently times when i can look like a pack of bones too!





probably about 2 days ago, i asked my dearest mil whether she would like to bring the kids and she onz me today and even got there earlier than i did!

so i had 2 super heroes and one skinny bones and one 白发魔岳父 waiting for me....


it was quite a huge estate, we took a while to find each other and there was quite a turnout...


its damn cool seeing how sporting the residents are!


finally we found them and Lucas was a match with us!

Skeleton family!

My Charming was a too-hot-in-costume Thor... 


and Nicholas, oh nicholas was a too cute Captain America who was on lolli break! 





haha skinny skeleton playing with captain america...


ooo... from Hogwarts!


thank you my ever so cool MIL!! for joining and having such a fuss free costume! just mask up! haha


On a totally unrelated note, if you have elderly at home and would like to install grips and antislips, go to the HDB Website, search under EASE. They will send contractors to come help fix them up at a nominal price. We just did ours today! Recommended by my aunt after mum was hospitalised previously. Don't say good things never share :)

Make up plus!

This app is so amazing! We both didn't have make up on yet it made us look pretty good!


Best part is there wasn't much adjustments or tilting to do!

It was a great long overdue catch up with good news ringing! A very happy piece of news!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 Halloween Eve!

Today, ah yee came over with Zeyu as we planned on doing something for xmas. In fact, we plan to prepare it to be sold for xmas!

Ze yu is so cheeky! And he was really excited coming to my room. My room was in a huge mess and I asked him " is my room very messy?" And he replied "no, I think it's very clean " and with a slang! Hahaha 


And he found my spider hair band I bought in Taiwan, preparing for my Halloween dress up. 

Tried it on with ah yee too!

Ze yu doing his home work...

And as for xmas, check out these customized tote bag we did....






Anyone keen? Contact me if keen!

In the evening, went for dinner with Detchie, just the both of us to celebrate her birthday!

And it was Halloween eve with loads of nice filters !

We look smashing!

And because the food at mon bijou is so good, I brought Detchie there!

the place was surprisingly much more packed than friday night.

cold crab truffle ramen...

the dish is chilled. The ramen is tossed in truffle oil, it tastes really really good! it wasn't overly oily and the texture was springy. Very awesome dish!

garden pasta which was a cream based mushroom pasta.... 

simple but very comfort kinda food. Simple yet done very right!

and finally got to try the crab cakes egg ben! apparently their speciality here.... 

which i can see why! the crab cakes were great, the poached egg was just right and the hollandaise sauce was amazing... 

i super loved the hash browns too! nicely fried with nice potato bits inside, very good!

and a little surprise for Detchie with their crazy amazing french toast! 

Happy Birthday Detchie!


their french toast is damn amazing! It is damn soft and has sugar crystals in some bites. We loved it!!


Friday, October 21, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hunny Bunny October 2016 date night - Musical Play!

Actually, this date night scroll was for a few months back but we were too broke, too busy and there wasn't any nice musical around that month to fulfill it....


The embarrassing boo boo she was talking abt was when she asked me out for a play - Ghost, claiming her mum has free tickets to it. We went only to realise it was the movie, not the play. The movie was like a pre-play promo! Ahaha so we left before the movie started. Hahaha 

So anyway, Minako recently raved abt Rent being her absolute favorite musical. A few others were giving good reviews of it too and I have been wanting to get around to catch it. Bunny surprised me by getting the tickets and requesting for a date night.

This period, things aren't exactly rosy between us. Minus the fact that were both very occupied with our work, a lot of issues began bugging us - it's a tiring period. 

She insisted on this date. Picked me up promptly at 5.30pm (been a long while since I knocked off on time!)


We had a bit of time so we headed back to the Pelician for dinner. 

The oysters were so good that we initially wanted to just have 2...


Because there was no promo but we still caved in and ordered half a dozen! They have really fresh oysters!


Crab cake....



That was not bad! 

There was a promo for prawns, a whole bucket like this for only $8!


There were loads of prawns!


Actually we were here for the scampis but sadly they seem to be discontinuing them!

The fish with a crust...


Bunny pretty liked it but I found it quite jerlard.

Lobster salad...


Pretty good! 

After dinner, we headed over for the musical...


Very good songs but I wonder if it's coz I'm getting more and more impatient, I am not enjoying musicals as I used to. 


Bunny enjoyed it much more than I did and I think I dozed off at some point (so embarrassing).