Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hunny Bunny September 2016 Date Night - Visit to Farmers Market!

Our September's date night... was supposed to be a visit to a farmer's market with possibility of trying to fix dinner from what we got there................

...... got compromised to visiting Pasar Bella and the one at Suntec summore......

I was quite tired after having been home after work, waiting for bunny to be ready (yes, this is a rant).

We effectively only got on our way by 9pm.

But i must say this guy from Pimp My Salad made my day! I ordered salad and he gave me a stamp card (like a rewards card) and he gave me 2 stamps coz he said he was feeling happy. Small gestures like these goes a long way! haha

and the salad was pretty good! I couldn't not order coz i saw the salmon and the pesto ball they had! 

Salad was good!

Bunny ordered a burger from Wolf Burgers... 

Oh man it was amazing! 

the burger was juicy and beefy! very good! We will be back!

anddddd their nutella shake was incredibly good!

We couldn't resist also ordering from Cajun on Wheels...


The fish nuggets were really tender and it came it spam fries!!

Also must add that the price is super reasonable, its cheaper than some hawker western food found near my neighbourhood!

and that sums up our short farmers market date night!


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