Friday, September 16, 2016

Domestic Goodness

Mum has been admitted since 2 days ago, condition is sort of 'stable' though we are still not 100% sure what it is. It started off as suspected dengue despite the obscene amount of insect repellent i bought to liver conditions to the pancreas and both. And today she goes though the procedure of scoping in search for some not so precious stones. Its a tiring process and definitely breaks the heart to see her in all these pain and super worrying with the yellowing of her skin and eyes.

In any case, we will get through this together as a family. It actually is very scary looking at how my parents have been aging. The whole frailness of their body and all, its ascending to a whole different level yet there is just this much we can do.

The whole point of this entry isn't about my mum's condition though. It is about my domestic help Detchie. She is scheduled to head home for her home leave in October. But seeing how my mum is, she actually voluntarily offered to postpone her home leave. We all know how much she was looking forward, to be united with her son and all so honestly, we are very touched by her gesture. We have always known we are pretty blessed to have her. I mean true she's not perfect (just like how we are not too) and gets on my nerves at times but her strengths greatly covers a lot of these. She also has a number of times proved to really care for both my parents and for that i'm grateful. Really touched my heart when she spoke to me about offering to stay on first.

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