Saturday, July 2, 2016

Timbre + is too hot!

The mum dropped some hints about seeing this place on fb awhile back and I have been meaning to visit here too so we finally found some time to head down together. We got here at like 4 ish, mad hot! 

Half the shops also look not opened...

But a pretty funky place, I can understand the draw but it's just too hot. And I don't know if it's the heat, even the stalls that are open, most of the stall keepers aren't all that keen to do business. I saw the servers at dancing crab sleeping and the ones at teppei I had to wave hard to get some attention although I was the only customer and there were like 3-4 of them seated around. Even when they came over, it's in a very lethargic mode. I guess it's the weather :(

Food anatomy was what drawer me to head down to timbre plus!

I saw some pictures and videos of their cubes of food and I had to try it! I actually   Wanted some spinach like thingy but they didn't have so we ordered what they had...

A very lovely presentation too!

Was overall ok. More interesting to look at than the taste. But will be keen to try more flavours next time - if it's not so hot!

Two wings salted egg fried chicken. Again another one where cashier seemed to be in a very bad mood (must be the weather, making everyone Pek chek).

The wings were really good though!

I am pretty off the salted egg yolk craze already. Everyone seems to be using it for everything but this is truly good! Right amount of the salted egg and the chicken was juicy.

From the teppei stall...

And from the Philippines stall where they serve BBQ food. One of the hints mama used to ask us to bring her here. She said Detchie wants to try the Philippines BBQ....

Which was ok. A little salty and Coz the food is left there for a long while, it doesn't seem fresh fresh.

Check out what my mum says in the video...

I honestly don't know if I will be back Coz it's just way too hot.

After timbre, we sent mum home, ran a few errands in town n met Bree for dinner. Her belated birthday treat and then we adjourned over to my place for mahjong. Cat got us a cake for our joint birthday!

A birthday celebration that went on with loads of 'pong', 'gang' and 'hu'!

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