Sunday, July 17, 2016

Friends made from the Plus Sized Fashion Industry

My initial OOTD for hiao sake and selling of my pre-loved outfits has got me started in doing a bit of plus sized outfits on the side.  A way to sustain my vanity! 

And i have met some really nice folks along the way like Rani of The Curve Cult. Recently, they are running a campaign called #justwearlah. Its a campaign encouraging plus sized ladies to step out of the fashion taboos targeted at plus size ladies. Things like no bright or white colours coz it makes us look bigger, no body tugging clothes to hide away the fats (which actually makes us look even bigger) or no sleeveless (sorry i still haven't overcome that myself.. haha), etc etc. The worst one is probably that plus sized ladies are not deserving of beautiful outfits!
So in support of this movement (and also hope to win some lovely outfits!), here is my OOTD!

This lovely tribal looking dress is from The Curve Cult (located at Far East Plaza level 5, beside Supercuts). Belongs to their current range. This dress came in black too. Many others will probably go for the black as it's always known to be the colour that makes the frame look smaller but hey, I looked better in red! It made me look brighter so here goes!

Other than Rani, i have also recently got acquainted with Priscilla! She's a plus size model and pretty reknowned one in the local scene. She is the resident model for Kaylene (another plus size apparel shop located at Seah Street). She reached out to buy one of my outfit awhile back, we met up and we clicked! I'm grateful for her affirmations on my fashion sense and how she's so friendly!

and today, she gathered a few of her friends together with me for a karaoke session! It was fun! and it was high! More so they were full of energy and tonnes of great singers!

and oh, this dress that Pris is wearing, is the first dress that she bought from me!

It was truly a fun session! Bunny was supposed to join but bunny had work so she only arrived like 5 mins before we ended.

Headed down for supper with bunny and she was craving for rice and bitter gourd with egg so we went to Sin Hoi San...

bitter gourd fried with eggs....

which was pretty good and fulfilled her cravings.

the yue guang hor fun... 

also pretty good. it was wet. 

claypot tofu... 

the claypot tofu is very good. its soft and the sauce came with some saltish cube like fish. yummy!

the prawn paste chicken...

their prawn paste chicken was also pretty nice! Flavoursome enuff and the aunty was nice enough to help me request for no breast meat!

Videos from our session!

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