Saturday, June 4, 2016

Turning 35 in a wonderful way!

The plan today (that I know) is that we are going for lunch at fat cow around 1.30pm followed by the Mbs exhibition. So when we woke up and I went to shower, no one was home except Niki and of Coz bunny. 

She said she was hungry so in my half naked mode, I went to boil water wanting to make instant noodles for bunny. for some reason she kept rushing me and so I went back to my room (yes still half naked and wrapped around in towel) and I got a shock! Bel was there with a cake and candle singing a birthday song for me! I was so shocked I screamed 'ahhhhh' and I closed back the door! Hahahahaha

She was so damn sweet!!! 

So ya, bunny threw me a pj and I quickly lup over myself so here are a series of pictures with my wet hair and 素颜!

This woman is damn amazing. Shortly after my mum n Detchie got back and despite it being our first meeting, she could go on with an engaging conversation with my mum! Hahaha

now my mum calls her the joo seng girl. haha

and my mum was also very sweet. she early early went out with Detchie just to go four leaves to get me a birthday cake and a birthday gift for Thomas Sabo... 

lai ah lai ah... i hope to put in hard work, tua tua tan tan, whole family (including bunny + detchie + niki) happy and healthy! 

as I'm blogging, still can't get over how sweet Bel is! And didn't expect us to from one mj session, to a hair cut conversation, to the first lunch date to such heart to heart talk friends. 

We sent bel back home and headed for lunch at Fat Cow!

actually visited Fat Cow with Wendy a couple of years back and we found it expensive and not nice. But seeing the incredible number of people who post on social media raving about it, it feels like it deserves a second chance. Asked around a few people and they said must go for the lunch instead of the dinner coz thats when theres the set lunch and theres the beef bowl so Bunny decided to bring me here for lunch today!

Set lunch comes with salad, miso and chawanmushi. Salad was with japanese dressing (not bad) and chawanmushi was also ok (with prawn and an abalone like thingy inside)....

the beef bowl.... i think its $45 if i recall correctly...

its actually quite expensive but i must say its very nice! the beef is tender and the whole bowl had truffle taste! very good! way much more tender than tanuki raw's. 

the other beef bowl was the one with foie gras and beef cubes ($48)....

wah this one is also very nice leh!!!! the lor (sauce) is the dark kind and drizzled in the rice ..OMG!! Super good! the beef for this isn't as tender though. The foie gras is also yummy!! 

feeling greedy (yes, again), we also ordered the bara chirashi (can't rem how much but minimally $40 i think).....

damn bo hua. nothing special, just sashimi on rice. the sashimi is cut in very small cubes summore! won't order this again.

an ootd shot in the lift!

after lunch, we headed over to the Art Science Museum at MBS! Bunny remembered that i was keen in the Future World exhibition and planned this into my birthday programme!

there is a section where you can colour items, from cars to buildings to planes to flowers to sea creatures etc. Decorate it however you want. They provide crayons!

after you are done, there are scanners and with one click, you can scan your drawings to be displayed up onto the walls and floors! AMAZING!

of course, we must draw too!!

check out my flower!

Bunny's camo turtle which later we thought looks more like watermelon! haha

and something with our hashtag!

see! our car is on the screen!

oh no, spaceship trying to take over our car!!

Bunny's turtle found on the floor!

so damn cute! so fun!

we had a hard time searching for my flowers! after a long time den we realised my flower wasn't a one big one but rather scattered all over. Luckily i had gradient coloured it...

and finally, this was the last section with all the lights...

it was beautiful! though bunny was trying to rush me to finish off here and i kept wondering why, wondering whether she had another surprise planned for me????  hehe 

as we got on to the car, she began driving towards gardens by the bay and i immediately guessed our dinner venue! Its Pollen! I have been keen to visit Pollen for the longest time after hearing many good reviews for different folks! I did mention to her the last time we came to see Sakura that we can come here for my birthday dinner but that was considering that she didn't do anything else for me. But she did everything she could to make this day special for me. and for that i am grateful! 

as we got to gardens, there was a buggy ride to bring us to the restaurant!

weeeeee! so fun! and it was machiam we booked the whole buggy!

the whole feeling damn shiok!!

the interior of Pollen...

the funny thing is, for the longest time, i kept thinking that Pollen is a chinese restaurant. Despite having met Chef Angelo on another setting before. haha.. its today that i realised its a western place.

as we browsed through the menu, items were not as pricey as we perceived it to be.

for a start, we were offered a series of complimentary starters...

this was some squid ink chips i think...

this is some cheese thingy with curry powder. this was really nice! both bunny and i loved it!

this thing that looks like xiao long bao had parma ham in it! i like!

for appetisers, we ordered a roast potato thing (which the server described it to be like a porridge and a burrata cheese) but this came first...

initially we thought the two round things was the roast potato. It looked and quite tasted like one....

turned out it was a wrong order! this was their artichoke and i was truly surprised! The artichoke i knew was always the layers and layers but which part of the artichoke is this??

and the service was *thumbs up*! they offered to let us finish the item as it was a wrong order.

Our burrata with beet root...

the dish was so pretty, like flower petals. The burrito was a thin layer and had a citrusy taste. I think  actually prefer the good old one fist sized burrata served with tomato and olive oil. 

and our roast potato with egg that looks like porridge item arrived! It came with some mushroom soup-ish thingy.... 

the crispy strips are fried potato and with the egg broken...

It was good! Its like a very soupy mashed potato.

we were also served complimentary bread with their homemade butter....

the butter was good! soft and slightly salted, yum!

and our mains arrived! we ordered 3 mains! Salmon, pork loin and wagyu!

The server told us the salmon was his favourite when we ordered and asked for recommendations..... and I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY!!

the salmon was SO GOOD! i mean the salmon was not raw raw... it wasn't cooked cooked? it was very lightly seared and tore off easily. The round gel like balls were earl grey liquid, quite sweet like honey. 

there was a very yummy piece of soft shell crab that came along... it was so good!!


and ... AND THE PORK LOIN!!!!!

you know how for some meat, you just need to cut and u KNOW IT IS GOOD? THIS IS IT!!


Bunny loved it. She said this is her favourite!

the wagyu... 

the wagyu was good but not as impressive compared to the salmon and pork. the salmon and pork just stole the limelight. They were da bomb! 

We also ordered the fried cauliflower as a side....

loved it too!

thank you Bunny, for the very enjoyable dinner!

to end off the meal, we were served two marshmallows that they torched...

a nice sweet ending! 

and just when i thought that's it, there was a surprise little cake in the end... 

thank you Bunny! Love this picture of us! 

I'm really glad i have you to plan such a beautiful day for me! 

some videos taken throughout today...

i also received some sweet video birthday messages amidst the Facebook messages and watsapp messages.

one from charming who video messaged me on his own accord...

and this one from Joanne.. she said what Jazzy is saying is she is wishing June yi yi a happy birthday!


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