Thursday, June 2, 2016

My birthday celebration 2016 with dar dar!

Ootd for today!

In terms of love language, acts of service ranks high for me. So having someone pick me for work makes me feel very loved!

I had wanted to work from home as I'm down with flu, slight fever (or maybe it's pu zua) and sore throat and cough. Just as I informed my boss and wanted to lie back in bed I suddenly recall I have 2 appointments today and I jumped right out of bed again. Skipped the medication again that makes me drowsy and headed to the office. Glad I did Coz it was quite a productive day. Mainly Coz I managed to resolve another mind boggling work problem! But as I got productive, my flu germs and virus got more productive too!  It got worse >.<

Dar Dar celebrated my birthday for me today and we agreed to do dinner at Burnt Ends.

We only managed to get a table at 8.30pm so we decided to do drinks at Neon Pigeon first. 

Some time ago, I was in a cab and there was this tv display featuring a short clip introducing some local food places. One of the food places they featured was Neon Pigeon and I recall that item I saw left me desiring for it!

Turned out it was tuna tartare...

Doesn't it look special? It does to me!

Oh one more thing about neon pigeon, the people here are all so attentive! So warm and so attentive!

They pay a lot of attention to patrons and make people feel very welcome.

So anyway back to the tuna tartare! I thought it actually looks like some red bean and matcha item but the bottom is the tuna. The middle layer is the avocado and the top part is some gel thingy. Not only does it look like a modern looking arty piece of food, it actually taste pretty good! Love the creativity too!

We also ordered a fried califlower...

There's this thing about fried broccoli and cauliflower for me. I love them! The ones here were good! With a sourish pesto looking like sauce in the side, very yummy! In fact right when it arrived, it smelled so good! 

The other item that the helpful server promoted to us was the roasted bone marrow...

Which was indeed very good!

It was so fragrant and went very well with the toasted bread.

As this is like a bar and restaurant, a rather Japanese concept one, their beer was sort of all Japanese beer. There were no familiar names like Tiger, Carlsberg or Heinkein etc. 

Dar dar ordered a white ale as recommended by the server...

She was telling me it was really good. Very light. I couldn't try Coz I had some medication for my flu.

By around 8 plus, we headed over to Burnt Ends...

Burnt ends had a small seating capacity. Most of the seats were counter seats facing the area where the chefs worked their magic with a few tables in the end. 

The counter seats were great though! Seeing the chefs prepare the food was like a very enjoyable show. Given that was our first visit, we both were like oooo... Ahhhhh... Haha! 

Also, right as we entered, the aroma of the barbecued food just got us more hungry than ever.

Servers were also very polite and very attentive!

Pricing wise, it was really steep. One quail egg is $15! One finger size portion of fish and chips was $25 - which by the time we decided to order was already not available. Haha

But food was amazing!! Seriously amazing!! 

The first that was served was the quail egg...

So fine!!! With caviar on the top and the egg was molten (is that how u describe it?)

I Jin sacrifice ok! I would have wanted to pop the whole thing in my mouth but I only ate half to show u how good it is. Wah must be quite a skill to determine how to ensure a small quail egg size can be molten!

And there was the beef marmalade...

The beef marmalade serving portion is in 2 like above. It is beef with some sweet jam like sauce and onion on bread with some pickles on the top and some mayo like sauce. It tastes great especially when u take a whole bite incorporating the bread and the meat! Very good! And this was $14 which in terms of pricing feels more wu Hua than the quail egg so o guess a lot of effort and precision must be put into the quail egg!

Next up was the crackling and mustard ($6)...

Which was crackling pork skin and it was so good! I tried it first and dar dar could hear the sound of me biting through the crackling piece! 

Also for some carb, we thought we would order a burger to share to keep us filled. So we had their Sanger pulled pork sour dough burger ($20)....

This was ordered with the mentality to fill our tummy (Coz the steak was our star) but it was soooooo damn good!

There was cheese between the bread and the pork. The cheese was slightly charred and just taste so good from the toast. The pulled pork was so tasty and the whole combination was so divine! We loved this!

And last but not least, our steak! We ordered a mayura cube roll ($60 per 100 gram), subjected to a minimum of 215grams. Ours was 235 grams and that cost us $141. Before they process it, the chef will cut and show you the size for approval before continuing. 

And here was the steak...

It was so good! So tender! And just the way we both like it! We discussed about it and we don't really fancy steak with sauces and all. It simply masks the taste of the steak. A good steak for us should be done with just salt and pepper to be able to enjoy the beefy taste of the steak!

We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and look forward to be back again soon!

Thank u Dar dar for the birthday meal! Importantly for the catch up! Conversations are always good!

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