Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hunny Bunny June 2016 date night - Charity Work!

There has been some couplehood downtime between bunny and me. 

Today was the planned date night and this is the scroll for today...

I appreciate how she did up these scrolls and each unscroll is just so meaningful. Like she obviously knows how i enjoy these volunteer work stuff and added this in. Importantly, i also love creating memories with her on new activities.

But, things have not been rosy for us. So much so that i had actually thot it may be pointless to go ahead and in fact even last month's date night just went on with endless quarrels and all.

But bunny said she wants to go ahead and without any concise decision, I decided to go ahead so as to not break any routine or tradition.

We were just going through like this vicious cycle of unhappiness that we both wish we could snap out of but just fell deeper into it over a million and one possible things.

So anyway, OOTD today. Along with the book she got me for my birthday. Langleav is such a gem!

we really didnt manage to find time to head down to any organisation for the volunteer work so i reached out to VSA and found out in terms of donations, they need paper the most. So we headed down to Art Friend to buy paper... 

a picture for the record... 

after getting the papers and brushes, we headed to meet Eileen, Rochelle and Charmaine for dinner. 

Rochelle highly recommended this Ah Pang steamboat located at Mei Ling Street...

Rochelle is definitely quite a regular here and she is full of raves of their steamboat...

the soup was not bad and i must say its very reasonably priced. They have very fresh and huge prawns. I usually won't eat the prawns for steamboat coz its usually very small but i actually liked the ones they have here. 

meat selection wise, i found it so so. 

importantly, the place was hot, no air con! 

But rochelle was very nice and hospitable - machiam like her shop, preparing food and all for us... 

the study groupies....

we shifted over to Bingki for Bingsu after dinner for more chats and of coz for the yummy desserts!

Tried this formage cheese cake they have there and its really pretty good! 

the cake was moist and the cream cheese in the middle was amazing! 



which they all really liked it. i am not much of a honeydew person.


i love the watermelon! its so refreshing! the watermelon is also pretty sweet!

and another one of my fav flavour - injeolmi! its somewhat called korean rice cake...

i don't actually like the korean rice cake but i like the power. goes very well with the milky fine ice and those almond flakes! yay!

and we again couldn't resist and order one of their cuter looking ones with a bear/animal design. This time, in chocolate...

don't quite fancy the chocolate flavour as much. Still much prefer the watermelon and injeolmi one!

Like to come to bingki for its flavours and also the fact that they are 24 hours/open till late (like 3am). The place is generally clean but the floor sometimes seem to have this not fully cleaned smell at times.

Service is ok though sometimes the staffs seem overworked so occasionally bin chao chao. But sometimes quite nice.

But overall, we had a good time here!

Although, towards the end, Bunny and i went into another big downtime. we argue so much that i sometimes don't remember why we quarrel anymore.

probably we shouldnt have gone ahead with the date night coz also dunno if there will be one in july anymore.

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