Thursday, June 9, 2016

Artichoke with Bree and Bel

Bree and bel celebrated my birthday for me over dinner at Artichoke.

First tried Artichoke over at Savour, been craving for their foie-ffles since then! Called to check before heading down and was disappointed it is not available in their regular menu. But in view that the chef seems to be quite creative and all, still decided to go check out their food!

Bree was late from work so bel met up with me first. The sweet girl got me a bouquet of white flowers!

We didn't order much Coz the two of them don't eat much. But we had two burrata Coz it was so damn good!

For starters it's the jit Tua bu kind, very satisfying! It's slightly salted with pomegranate bits on top! Will definitely come back for this! 

Some smoked swordfish thingy....

Which was quite ok. Very small plate and thin slices. 

Charred broccoli...

This was very good as well. Very nicely charred with a tinge of vinaigrette!

Oh one thing about their menu is that it doesn't really have mains mains, they only have shared plates or starters. 

But there are of Coz, mains like dishes. We went for the pork collar...

The pork collar was thick cut (I like!!!) and every mouthful is bouncy! 

For desserts, all they had left was their neh neh pop ice cream so we had one each!

I had a milo flavoured one. Was really quite good! The inside was milo ice cream that was thick and yummy. The crust was white chocolate and there were cereal balls! 

A few shots before we called it a night...

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