Monday, May 9, 2016

Why my lips Zhng Zhng?

Got to thank Sharon for helping me buy this laneige two tone lip bar back from Korea recently! 

After trying it on, I felt I wasn't impressed. Feels like just another red lipstick to me! And I used it like how Bel told me to, turn one side and turn the other to make sure the centre part same colour and the top and bottom is the same colour what! 

So last week over dinner I was telling Seafoodies I Duno why my lips look zhng Zhng after applying. Effect bo swee... 

Turns out it's Coz I used the wrong tone wrongly! The red shld be inside I used it top and bottom! Hahahaha Gua Gua Gua! Became joke of the day! 😝

Ok now Swee Liao!

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