Friday, May 27, 2016

TGIF with Bree n bel!

Was a rather impromptu dinner with Bree and bel. By the time I got home I was quite lazy to step out already actually!! Haha

But I'm glad I did and had a catchup with the girls over dinner! I learnt from them that Taiwan has a lot of sand flies! And apparently when u get bitten, you may not know it and if u eat seafood (sashimi included), it will aggravate the situation!

So anyway, some pictures of our short catchup!

I changed into a more casual outfit to meet them in town...

And I like my ootd combi today!

Got it from the curve cult!

We had dinner at Supply and Demand...

Located at orchard gateway level 2!

Heard quite a number of people telling me that their food is not bad. As in reasonably priced and can eat kind - particularly their pasta apparently. 

We ordered a starter to share...

It was like a meat/sausage kinda of platter. With chorizo, pepperoni, Parma and some Chinese sausage. Generally it was not bad. Even the strawberries that came along were pretty sweet!

Bree chose the pasta n the pizza..

They were both not bad. As in reasonably priced and quite decent. Good for revisits.

After dinner we headed for drinks at Starbucks...

Actually does sound like a pretty uneventful day lol!

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