Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Going Gray!

For the longest time, bunny has been urging me to darken my hair but I love that almost blonde light coloured hair. But the roots keep growing and sadly, I have tonnes of white hair!

Not surprised, I think a lot! Haha

So anyway, today fixed an appointment at Aqua Hair salon to for a dye. Jessica was off so her sister Lisa did it for me! Bunny also did a hair cut and this is the results!

Sorry to be shameless but Wah! What a cute looking couple! Muahahahahaha

I'm unsure if I like this shade but I do think it looks nice! As in I'm unsure I prefer this darker tone to my previous blonde but I think I still look nice? Haha

But I do like the service so far. Quiet place and the Korean ladies are really gentle.

After that was dinner with Phyllis and Saphy!

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