Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Caught up with the gorgeous Vinz today!

Over a quick short lunch but very enjoyable!

After work, ah Yee treated me to free eyebrow threading sessions followed by dinner with my cute little cousin!

He's really so cute

Every single time he reaches out to hold my hands it warms my heart!

Both my aunt and my uncle are actually both very quiet and shy folks. I wonder where Ze Yu got his outspoken personality from (must be from me!) hahaa

In the car, he kept asking my uncle for the rain. He wants it to rain. Hahaa what a demand! Something that money can't buy! So we told him to wish for it, to sincerely close his eyes and wish for it. He really closed his eyes and starting wishing for a good 5 mins! Haha

My aunt lagi funny! She went to turn on the wiper in front of the car to pretend that it's rain for him! Haha 

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