Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hunny Bunny May 2016 date night - board games night!

So yeah it almost didn't happen yesterday. In fact it almost didn't happen again. Truth is we have experienced more fights, more quarrels than ever. It was draining for both of us.

When we are good, we are really very good together. When we are not, it's just hmm

But I'm glad we managed to get thru today and went on with today's date together with the additional participants...

Today's date night is about board games. I enjoy board games a lot!

And today we had Candice, van and Ken to join us Coz board games are more fun with more people!

Check out her expression man! Must have got some damn power mama cards!

Pity we only managed to cover two games! I so Wana come back again!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

You don't always get what you enjoy most

Today was supposed to be date night. The scroll depicts a games night.

We did get there but we didn't get there.

Will we get there?

First birthday celebration this year!

My first birthday celebration this year is with Joanne who brought me for high tea at grand hyatt. Always love their high tea and great service. 

Thanks love for the wonderful time! Short but great catch up!

Innit inspired top and pants

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Home cooked goodness from Saphy!

Saphy invited us over for dinner together with Velda and her gf. She prepared roast pork and steak!

And there was tiramisu too!

Wonderful time, great conversations thou bunny was left isolated to study for her paper Tml. Haha bunny must pass ok!!!

Lace dress with frills bottoms for sale!

All going at $42 per piece!

Looking forward to Castano Dulce!

Been looking for it for a long time (since Xmas) and finally found it at wine connection!

Found it at Wine Connection at Claymore Connect! 

Also made me realise it's so hard to find late harvest red wine in Sg!


My first time trying such thick black eyeliners...

Friday, May 27, 2016

TGIF with Bree n bel!

Was a rather impromptu dinner with Bree and bel. By the time I got home I was quite lazy to step out already actually!! Haha

But I'm glad I did and had a catchup with the girls over dinner! I learnt from them that Taiwan has a lot of sand flies! And apparently when u get bitten, you may not know it and if u eat seafood (sashimi included), it will aggravate the situation!

So anyway, some pictures of our short catchup!

I changed into a more casual outfit to meet them in town...

And I like my ootd combi today!

Got it from the curve cult!

We had dinner at Supply and Demand...

Located at orchard gateway level 2!

Heard quite a number of people telling me that their food is not bad. As in reasonably priced and can eat kind - particularly their pasta apparently. 

We ordered a starter to share...

It was like a meat/sausage kinda of platter. With chorizo, pepperoni, Parma and some Chinese sausage. Generally it was not bad. Even the strawberries that came along were pretty sweet!

Bree chose the pasta n the pizza..

They were both not bad. As in reasonably priced and quite decent. Good for revisits.

After dinner we headed for drinks at Starbucks...

Actually does sound like a pretty uneventful day lol!