Saturday, April 16, 2016

The holy matrimony of two kind beautiful souls

Today is the wedding of ray and Amanda. Finally!

Many will know of Ray as my ultra hunky friend who is a twin! Ray is not just hunky but truly a great friend who is kind and a very true person. 

Amanda as well. Amanda is gorgeous and funny. Proved to also be a wonderful friend over the years!

So indeed, I'm very happy to be part of this wedding! 

First of course, my ootd! Haha

Love this outfit from asos! Has a bit of that Greek look! 

And over at the wedding ...

Also very happy to have met up with Ray's mum...

Also a very nice lady. There was a period where ray, being the wonderful friend he was, made it a daily routine to drive me over to his place to bring me jogging and his mum would sometimes join us! 

As a friend, he really is bo Wei gong! He would also drive me home. Many friends would also in good faith mean well and encourage me to exercise and all but only ray, he put it in action. His sincerity and all as a friend is very touching!

Hehe but I'm still like that Coz I'm lazy. :P

But I'm still extremely grateful to him and his family. And despite all that he has, his hunky good looks, he is a kind and great friend, very humble and caring friend! 

Amanda as well! Very happy that they found each other. Amanda is gorgeous (clearly) and a very true and funny person. Through the years, I see what Amanda has put in to the relationship. So I'm really very happy they are finally tying the knot today! 

And of course, mandatory picture with his twin!

Spot the groom!

There were more pics, pics of me n the lovely bride and the hunky ray but I look hideous! Even as we review the pics, bunny couldn't help but shy away Coz she also realised she took bad pics! Haha

I joked n told bunny, if she doesn't buck up, next wedding I'm bringing Detchie! Hahahahaha

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