Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hunny Bunny BKK 2016 Day 4

Ice, who couldn't make it yesterday asked to meet up with me today! She brought along her boy who is so lively and such a cute little boy! I am once again charmed!

Was getting bunny to help choose a picture to post on Instagram and these were the two...

She said the top one looks better and I asked her " 下面那个不是比较有艺术味?”

She replied me " 上面那个鱼鳔看起来Jin song! 可能我没有艺术味,我只有鱼鳔味” hahahahahaha

We finally got a slot for massage at Let's Relax Spa!

The welcome drink is the yummy pandan drink...

Followed by a feet wash...

Reliving from last year...

Today's massage was pretty good! 

And for record purpose, this is my masseuse!

So good that after the massage, bunny told me " I promise to work hard after this "

I was like " huh? "

And she said " next time all massage we come here, no more saving money at those places. Save Kar Chng" hahahahahaha

And I love the mango they serve after the massage...

We were actually tired n drowsy after the massage and long day but couldn't resist heading down to After You again!

Just so damn good!

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