Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bff meeting

Happy to catch up with dear dear today. Been too long!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hunny Bunny BKK 2016 Day 4

Ice, who couldn't make it yesterday asked to meet up with me today! She brought along her boy who is so lively and such a cute little boy! I am once again charmed!

Was getting bunny to help choose a picture to post on Instagram and these were the two...

She said the top one looks better and I asked her " 下面那个不是比较有艺术味?”

She replied me " 上面那个鱼鳔看起来Jin song! 可能我没有艺术味,我只有鱼鳔味” hahahahahaha

We finally got a slot for massage at Let's Relax Spa!

The welcome drink is the yummy pandan drink...

Followed by a feet wash...

Reliving from last year...

Today's massage was pretty good! 

And for record purpose, this is my masseuse!

So good that after the massage, bunny told me " I promise to work hard after this "

I was like " huh? "

And she said " next time all massage we come here, no more saving money at those places. Save Kar Chng" hahahahahaha

And I love the mango they serve after the massage...

We were actually tired n drowsy after the massage and long day but couldn't resist heading down to After You again!

Just so damn good!

Kin Jio Top!

Super love this top I bought ! 

Banana off shoulder top! 

Bought extra pieces to sell! $38! 

Contact me if keen!


I thought this was quite funny!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hunny Bunny BKK 2015 day 2!

Hunny bunny takes on Bkk day 2 with our customised Tees from @uniquify! 

If you are keen in customised tees, do check out our unique pieces!

Today is shopping day for us! I totally shopped till we dropped! More of outfits will be gradually posted on Instagram! Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hunny Bunny BKK 2016 day 1!

Bunny commented today that some of my entries feel rushed. Like I blogged for the sake of blogging. So I'm making a mental note to try not to do that - though it is true! This is especially true if I post blog, a lot of the feelings, the emotions and thoughts will be lost and not clearly noted down.

But I did tell bunny that I do really enjoy blogging and penning down my thoughts. It's like a record book for me, to record down my life events etc.

Just that as i mature, my other commitments sort of either take up a lot of my time or suck out too much of my energy. Haha

So for this bkk trip, I try my best to blog relevantly and provide more insights to my feelings and thoughts during the trip!

For one, it has been a year since our last trip and it was also to bkk. In fact, we probably wouldn't have planned this if not because we need to go return our prayers. I'm glad we did thou! Feels like this is a much awaited break!

This time round, under ken's recommendations, we didn't take the first in flight. We went for the noon flight and effectively reach bkk around 2.30pm. This arrangement is good too Coz we didn't find ourselves all tired and with no hotel to check in when we got here.

Something interesting found at the airport!

There's a machine that does up some pixelated picture of you!

I actually think Bunny's one is quite cool! Mine not pretty! 

Oh and if u key in your email. They will email it to u!

Here's mine...

Don't like Coz cannot photoshop! Face so round! Haha

On flight!

We are going on HOLIDAY!

Sq service was bad. One stewardess rolled her eyes at us simply Coz we asked for ice. Tsk tsk!! Of Coz we returned her the favour by informing her mgmt about it!

Choice of hotel this time round, instead of my usual Pathuwan Princess, we decided to try Centara Watergate. Bunny read loads of good reviews of the place on trip advisor. But funny thing is when we asked dar Dar and dear dear seperately, they both said that this place is quite far. We were quite worried!

We took a taxi from airport to hotel. Cost close to 300 baht. 

This is the hotel lobby, located at level 9 of the building

Very nice water platforms...

Bunny checking in!

And we were given a glass to pandan welcome drink...

And this is our room...

Overall the room is decent and we like the very white and woody decor. The floor is however very slippery thou. 

Right after unloading our stuff, we headed over to Amari watergate to Alex's tailor. Bunny wanted to tailor some shorts and pants. It's our first time and there are quite a few tailor shops there. We chose Alex because mr Lum recommended this place.

Bunny took the package of 4 shirts and a pants at S$215. This place is packed with Singaporean customers that they even price their packages in S$!

I went ahead to tailor a pair of pants too. s$69. Not what I would call cheap but just decided to try it out to see if the fit would be good.

After that was lunch! First place we checked out was Audrey Cafe. It's good that they have an outlet at Siam Center! Located at level 4.

Love the decor!

My outfit goes well with it too! Lol

After dinner, we walked around Siam area before heading back to the hotel.

For our previous trip, we did all our massage at Let's Relax spa but since there was a massage place right at our hotel level 1 at a fraction of the price at Let's Relax so we decided to give it a try after sparing a thought for our wallet. 

A 2 hour massage at Let's Relax is $900 baht each. A 2 hour massage at a massage Parlour is $600 baht each.

But unfortunately, the massage wasn't really good so we sort of ended it after one hour. But ok, means we saved more! Haha

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hunny Bunny April 2016 date night - Picnic Under The Stars!


April's date night scroll depicts....

Picnic under the stars!

And to ensure I am dressed for the occasion of a picnic and for work...

Bunny basically prepared everything for today's date while I contributed 'eye power'. Hahaha

Thank u my sweet bunny!

We managed to pull off an air conditioned picnic in her car with a spread of food that I like!

And till the date night for next month!