Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When you mean nothing at all

You know how I always say, I'm often misunderstood, probably coz of my aggressive outlook?

Yet inside I actually do care and mind or at least feel bothered by what people think or say OR wonder why some people can be the way they are? Perplexed about how mean or how unreasonable some people can be?

Well, there gets to a point when I will register how nasty some people can get. Like almost to the extent of me wondering whether their heart is black in colour. Like seriously. Haha speaks a lot about their character that I actually find them amusing! Like seriously wtf?! Hahaha you really make yourself look so bad! Omg!

Can u imagine if u get a Ferrari car, not sure how to drive so u probably ask someone who has drove a Ferrari before on some pointers. 正常好心人因该都会乐意帮忙吧?

2 months down the road when u are comfy with the car, can u imagine this person suddenly request that u give the Ferrari to her and drive a say Toyota instead? Hahaha won't u find that person a joke??? LOL! 

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