Monday, March 21, 2016

My Cousin and Me

My blog followers should know i have an aunt who is as close to me as a cousin due to the proximity of our age and our residence. With her being my aunt, that naturally makes her son, my cousin.

Lately, my littlest cousin and me have a fond activity! We may not 'meet' 'meet' much, each time when i get home and pass by the carpark, i will call for him. The first few times he heard me, he told my aunt " the wind very naughty ". hahaha

and he will wave to me from his window.

From that, he has got onto the habit of sending me cute little voice msges on watsapp using my aunt's phone. so much so that my aunt said she feels used coz I'm sending her msges but they are not for her but for her son instead. hahaha

and the top video is him randomly calling out to the window to say " 表姐姐,u can hear me or not? "

hahaha.. even though i wasn't there.

i like how sweet a r/s i have with my littlest cousin!

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