Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hunny Bunny March 2016 date night - Make Your Own

For March date night, this is the scroll I drew!

So the very night I drew this, we googled for classes online. We were keen on going for some leather item class but eventually chanced upon - Make Your Own. 

The Mini Copper Lamp they have got bunny sold. A class for two $109, gets us a terrarium and Mini Cooper lamp class! 

terrarium mini copper lamp workshop singapore

Make Your Own is located at 4 Upper Aljunied Lane. 

When we arrived, the teacher wen Xiang was there waiting for us (very nice guy!)

We started out with the terrarium making!

First, we get a choice of the container!

Next, he took out some materials - soil, moss and pebbles and patiently explained to us the Eco-system of a terrarium, the difference between the open and the close terrarium!

Next is a series of photos of the progression of the making of the terrarium!

And ta da!!!!! 

Our very own make-our-own terrarium!

Wen Qiang and bunny then went on to do up the lamp which I happily concentrated on blogging and taking pictures! Haha

And these are our finished products!

Together with wen Qiang!

Thank you Make Your Own SG for such a wonderful experience! 

We had a wonderful date night, bunny is very excited about the lamp and I'm excited I got to take so many pictures! Haha

And importantly, I get to draw another scroll for our April Date night !

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