Wednesday, March 9, 2016

You are not everyone's cup of tea

This pair of pants saved my day!

Why? Because with it, the entire outfit didn't look too casual. Importantly, I could afford to squat down on my own to reach for things at an event, without having to seek help versus when I wear a dress.

Feels a lot more comfortable when I don't need to ask for help!

But many people seem to think I look better in pants! Haha

Today, my dear friend Bri sent me this ....

Makes a hell lot of sense and comes as a very timely reminder. I can't make everyone like me - thou I always get affected by it - which I shouldn't :)

I do my best and there are people who like me for that. And for people who judge me coz I can't squat or carry heavy things, just continue to judge me coz I really can't! Hahahaaha 

For people to like me, thank u! For people who don't, I no longer will let you affect me!

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