Saturday, February 20, 2016

Not all love is lost

Perhaps not all love is lost. Met up with Xinying and her 3 precious little ones for high tea at Hyatt.

I was late (as usual, just trying to keep up to my reputation) and right when I arrived, charming ran up to me with this....

A very lovely pink rose (and branded one ok! My rose is from Dior)! 

And Lucas also hurried along to pass me another one (feel so loved!!!!!)

And accordingly to Xinying (my sweetest mother in law), they were at taka earlier and Marcus saw people giving out roses, he ran over and told the person " can I have one? I want to give to my princess "

Wah lau! Heart melt!!! 

And Lucas actually joined in to say " I want to get one for princess also!! " 

Double melt! 

Hilarious part is, mummy don't have! Hahahaha Xinying said " no wonder people typically have 婆媳问题!" hahahahahhahaa

In fact we Jin friend!

She even treated me to high tea! Thank cute!

With my sweet charming!

With Marcus and Lucas gradually growing up, I need to start launching my charms towards Nic Nic! 

And I must share, this embarrassing but funny thing that charming said to me today. Awkwardly, he said to me " I don't want to tell you this but it's probably faster to take the train " 


The happy family!

N no, my face looks distorted not coz I over photoshopped. It's the angle but it's the only group pic we took today so I felt the need to upload. We had loads of fun!

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