Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mummy's day out

Guilty as charged. I don't spend enough time with my mum. So today is mummy's day out!

We headed for massage, followed by movie, dinner and shopping! 

Caught Jack Neo's Long Long Time Ago and the moment the movie started, mummy was luffing till ka ka Chio! Seeing her luff like that brings me much joy.

I must say I can understand why, she clearly can relate to a lot of things in the movie, like how childbirth used to be like in KK hospital or how there used to be 霸王车。she would occasionally turn her head to update me how ya that's what happened in the past etc etc.

Also, credits to Jack Neo. Movie after movie, he has proven to produce really heart warming and heart tugging movies that's close to the heart of Singaporeans. I don't get why some people will say his movies aren't worth watching or aren't worth watching in the cinemas. I mean yes I know the dvd is released soon after the screening but shouldn't we be supporting such good productions or storylines? Especially it's about contents so close to our hearts. I don't think a famous foreign director can produce something as local as Jack Neo can. So far, from 小孩不笨 to ah boys to men (ok I didn't super like the lion dance show) to this movie, I think they were all very well done. I am looking forward to part 2!

With mummy of coz!

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