Friday, February 26, 2016

Life, Challenges in Plus Size!

Life is not always easy, it always presents challenges. Just like how my perfect white ootd wall can be stained with that black mark yet can be resolved with a little photoshop if I want to. 

Just like the shoe I haven't wore for a long while can decide to disintegrate when I wear it yet there's the cobbler to the rescue.

Life is probably even tougher for a plus sized person, and I believe many fellow plus sized folks can relate. It can come even in the form of an innocent yet not so innocent kiddo. How we deal with it is important, how we deal with ourselves is even more so. Given the old me I might have ran home and cried myself silly, wondering about how to move on with life. But I'm glad I'm stronger now and I have wonderful bunny for that reassuring hug, regardless if she agrees with how I dealt with it.

By the way, to my Mj kakis, trying to win at Mj is a challenge too! And I'm glad u girls are with me on this journey!

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