Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hunny Bunny Valentines 2016

For our February date, according to the scroll I drew from the date box that bunny prepared for Xmas, I drew this:

So I told her, let's do a valentines theme for Valentine's Day! And the location for dinner was Valentino! 

And yes, we have a hunny bunny list of places we want to dine at!

So here's our vday theme outfits:

And yes, I got flowers too! 

From one olive! Their flowers are always beautiful and bunny is now known in their shop as the person who always ask for brown paper.

And our meal at Valentino ...

Even the food was filled with love!

I actually ask her not to prepare gifts or waste money on flowers this year. I told her to make me a flower using $$$. And she really did! 

Thank you for the beautiful (and practical) flower bunny love!

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