Thursday, December 31, 2015

Consumer consignment

Bought way too many drinks for my staycation. Drinks as in oolong tea, strawberry milk tea, soda water etc! 

There could be some form of consumer consignments so that we can return what we can't finish! #justathought 

Anyway, staycations should minimally get a 3d2n. Sadly I still didn't get to swim! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Focusing on positive stuff

For the past few days, I sort of let the unhappy hair episode and a few other things and people affected my mood. I do get affected when at times when I cannot comprehend why people do what they do, what kind of values are incorporated there? 

So even despite the multiple happy occasions, I failed to be present present even thou I was physically there. I failed to truly bask in the moment without letting negative tots brood my mind. 

With this post, I am letting go of all those negative tots and rejoicing over the 1 year old mark of my cute God son! 

Happy birthday Axel! You are such an adorable baby! God ma loves u! With such a beautiful mummy (both inside out), u will be nurtured into an awesome individual!